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Wills Attorney

Wills Attorney | Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law - Orange County, CA

No matter the value of property and assets, every adult needs a will to provide direction on distribution of property upon death as well as how to care for minor children if applicable. If an individual dies without a will in place, the government can then make decisions that may differ substantially from the individual’s wishes and desires and have a negative impact on surviving loved ones. An experienced wills attorney can help avoid this situation by providing valuable legal guidance. Having a will in place ensures the following:

• Direction over the handling of assets
• Allows an individual to choose a person to carry out his wishes
• Provides a person with choices on property distribution
• Names guardians for minor children
• May allow movement of assets to an investment or business
• Allows an individual to gift property or management to a charity of choice
• Can help limit the control of creditors over an estate

However, if an individual dies without a will in California, the California Probate Code dictates how property and assets are divided in a very specific process that may or may not be in alignment with the individual’s desires. Because of the possibility of government control over an individual’s assets, it is important that individuals seek guidance from an experienced wills attorney to advise them on their estate planning.

In the Orange County, CA area, call Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law today to schedule a free consultation with a specialist wills attorney.Vilma M. Aarons, an experienced wills attorney, will take the time required to answer questions, listen to concerns and goals for the estate plan and provide counsel on estate planning options that meet those goals.