Estate Planning Attorney

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Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney | Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law - Orange County, CA

An estate planning attorney from Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law works together with each client to guide the client through important life decisions, such as:

• How to distribute financial assets and property upon death
• Who should make choices related to health and finances if the client cannot
• What is the client’s preferences for health care treatment and end of life
• Who will care for minor children in the event of the client’s death or incapacity
• What funeral and burial arrangements does the client prefer
• Options on how to minimize government influence in the client’s estate

While wills and trusts generally come to mind first when someone thinks about an estate planning attorney, a skilled estate planner prepares documents for all related long-term planning choices including:

• Conservatorships
• Guardianship
• Letters of instruction and advanced directives
• Powers of attorney for health care, finances and legal decisions
• Elder planning, representation and counsel
• Special needs trusts and other planning issues and concerns
• Planning for the most favorable tax outcomes
• Allowing for charitable donations, estate and gift taxes

At Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law, an estate planning attorney has decades of experience. He also understands the concerns that arise as individuals consider personal mortality, illness and other unpleasant end-of-life issues. An estate planning attorney’s role is to help each client create a detailed plan that reflects the client’s choices and wishes for his loved ones, provides legal protection for the client’s loved ones well into the future, and preserves the client’s assets while minimizing tax liabilities.

In the Orange County, California area, call an estate planning attorney to help translate wishes and desires into a thorough, legal and enforceable estate plan that protects assets, property and financial wealth while protecting the long-term security and well-being of loved ones.