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About Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law

About Us | Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law - Orange County, CA

Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law has more than 30 years of experience in estate planning law, including preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorney and advanced directives, as well as handling probate, elder law, guardianship and conservatorship issues. This deep expertise ensures clients expert counsel as they work on the challenging task of planning for a time when they are not able to make decisions on their own.

The goal ofVilma M. Aarons is to provide services that represent their values and expertise through specialized counsel and advice on a wide variety of issues that impact an individual’s estate plan. Ms. Aarons strives to work with clients as individuals, ensuring that each individual’s wishes and decisions are known and guides them to create an estate plan that ensures the long-term security and financial well being of his or her loved ones.

Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law is based in Laguna Hills, CA but focuses its practice throughout the greater Orange County metropolitan area. Anyone in need of assistance managing probate as an executor or needing an estate planner for personal counsel, or with questions about wills, trusts, or probate please schedule a free initial consultation with Vilma M. Aarons.