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Probate Attorney

Probate Attorney | Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law - Orange County, CA

Estate law, particularly probate, can be time consuming and complex. A probate attorney who specializes in probate related matters can provide sage...

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Wills Attorney

Wills Attorney | Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law - Orange County, CA

No matter the value of property and assets, every adult needs a will to provide direction on distribution of property upon death as well as how to care...

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Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney | Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law - Orange County, CA,CA

An estate planning attorney from Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law works together with each client to guide the client through important life decisions...

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Welcome To Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law

Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law has been certified by the State Bar of California as a specialist in probate, estate planning and trust law. This means that the attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of estate planning law, so when someone trusts them with long-term planning advising, they can be confident they’ll receive expert legal advice.

Many people put off the estate planning process because the idea of creating a will or trust to manage their affairs when they are no longer able is distasteful. Although it may be challenging, a detailed estate plan allows an individual to make his wishes and choices known to his loved ones while he is still healthy and able to do so, allowing the individual to feel confident that he has had a say in affairs after his death or disability.

A complete, detailed will is essential to providing legal documentation of an individual’s desires in case a situation arises when he is not able to explain his preferences himself. In addition, having specific guidelines and instructions as to his choices regarding medical care and long-term assistance should he become disabled or suffer a long-term illness, as well as clear instructions about division of property and assets after death will help ease the stress and burden on his loved ones during an already challenging time.

It doesn’t matter if he is a parent planning for the protection and long-term financial care of minor children or a business principal worried about the continuation of operations if he is no longer available to work or make decisions, an estate plan provides critical protection that offers peace of mind for the individual as well as the family or employees who can feel confident and avoid worry in the event of illness, disability or death.

In the Orange County, CA area, call Vilma M. Aarons Attorney at Law for a free consultation on how to create a business or personal estate plan that provides for all responsibilities in the event of an emergency, illness, injury or death.

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